Low Course Programs

Department of Blind Services Utilizing our Low Ropes Course


The Low Course TeamBuilding Experience at the Bellevue Challenge Course  generally begins with a large group introduction including physical and emotional safety ground rules, challenge by choice concepts, and goals for the day.


The participants then play warm-up-games as a large group, after which large groups are divided into smaller working teams of 12-15 people. Within these teams, participants will be presented with a series of fun challenges that they will need to work together on to complete. 

Sometimes they will succeed and sometimes they will experience failure. Whatever the outcome, the experiences will be debriefed and participants will identify behavior goals to focus on for the next activity. At the end of the day, participants will discuss the behaviors that they experienced out on the course, and what behaviors they would like to carry back with them to affect a real life change! 

Participant Eligibility Requirements

Age: 4th grade and older 

Height: No height requirement

Weight: No weight limitations


-3-6 hour programs are available 

-Suitable for small and large groups of both youth and adults

-Discounted non-profit and youth pricing is available 

-Can be paired with Vertical Playpen and/or the High Course for a full day or multi-day program.


-The Low Course program does NOT involve any high element activities that require personal protective equipment and a life safety system. 

-Groups bringing youth are required to have an adult chaperone for each of the small teams on the course. 

-Each participant must read and sign a Participant Release in order to participate. Minors must also have their parent/ guardian read and sign. completed forms must be presented the day of the program prior to participation. 

Low Course Program INquiries

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