Northwest Teambuilding


Through outstanding programs and projects, we learn, our clients learn, and our participants grow. Our key focus is expanding the human potential of our community through adventure.


We Value Risk

We take risks because risk taking is essential to growth, learning, love, and living. Risk cannot be eliminated and should not be taken away. No aspect of life worth living is without risk. 

We Value Outdoor Adventure

We are proud bearers of the tradition of outdoor education. Reaching back to Plato and Kurt Hahn, we explore our world and strive to challenge, seek, and learn.

We Value Compassion 

We are all uniquely human. We know that about ourselves and about the people we work with and serve.  We are compassionate toward all.

We Value Leadership

We are leaders in our industry and region in both what we do, and how we do it.  We are forward thinking, innovative, and are proactively mentoring the next generation of leaders.


Northwest TeamBuilding was founded in 2006 when previous owner Scott Andrews was repeatedly asked by friends and other challenge course professionals if he could help build a program, take care of maintenance and repairs, or conduct trainings at the Bellevue Challenge course.  Scott decided that after nearly 20 years in the industry as an individual practitioner, it was time to start a company. That led to both the founding of Northwest Teambuilding, as well as the beginning of our operation of the Bellevue Challenge Course on behalf of the City of Bellevue. Since the beginning, Northwest Teambuilding has always been about the programs, and providing the support that owners, managers, and facilitators need to deliver excellent experiences on their challenge courses.

 We feel fortunate to have had many skilled professionals amongst our ranks through the years.  They have worked with us to facilitate, to train practitioners, and to build beautiful, functional courses.  Our current staff recognizes and values the mentoring they received from these folks, because more than anything we take pride in our tradition of being a learning company. Whether facilitating on the low course, running a zip tour, building a new course, training summer ropes staff, or completing a course inspection, it is our past experience and dedication to continuous growth that allows us to deliver the highest level of  service to our Pacific Northwest community.